The Australian Transgender Support Association of QLD Incorporated (ATSAQ) is run by transgenders for transgenders and provides emotional/moral support for people with Gender Dysphoria (formally known as Gender identity Disorder) their families and friends. They offer support and information on all aspects of gender reassignment, for the general community and people who are experiencing difficulty with their gender identity.

The organisation works to raise awareness and provide education, to work on combating discrimination, which is still sometimes a common experience for the transgender people. ATSAQ liaises with all forms of government to assist in better policy, practices and access to medical care. This confidential, non-profit, non-government funded organisation, relys on donations and membership for financial support.


The LGBTQ Domestic Violence Awareness Foundation is a charity comprised of a collective of passionate volunteers, desperate to shine a light on an epidemic that’s been plaguing LGBTQ communities for far too long.

Although limited, research has indicated that over 60% of LGBTQ people have experienced domestic, family and intimate partner violence. This needs to change! On top of that, there is a fundamental lack of awareness, representation and understanding that this abuse is so prevalent. Because of this, LGBTQ people feel unseen and often have limited resources to draw from to get help.

It is the ambition of LGBTQ Domestic Violence Awareness Foundation to confront these issues and to advocate for necessary changes in both the visibility of LGBTQ people’s experiences and the quality of response they receive when reaching out for help. We aim to create change and bring greater awareness to the issues to ensure that all people no matter their sexuality or gender identity can feel seen and believed and receive safe and inclusive support.